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Our Activities


Our institute is committed to bring you the various Chinese Metaphysics courses conducted by our highly qualified Masters at an affordable rate. We believe in real life learning and we strive to provide a platform for our students to share & practice their skills on a regular basis. Our institution organize activities other then classroom training such as; Fengshui site audit, Temple & Cultural tour, Burial Geomancy appreciation tour, Qi Gong practice session, etc for our students. We believe in giving back to the society & helping the needy for a good cause via charity activities that we organized.



Fengshui Seminar 2016

This year Institute of Fengshui Bazi will be holding our Fengshui Convention – Year of the Monkey 2016 on 10th Jan 2016. We are honored to invite 3 well known Chinese Metaphysic Masters to share with us their Fengshui Analysis for year of the Monkey….

Power of Ten Deities – Bazi Module 2

Master Chew will be conducting a Bazi Module 2 course starting from 5th Aug 2015…

Advance Bazi Reading – Wealth & Health

Master Chew will be conducting an Advance Bazi Reading class starting from 14th Aug 2015…

Basic Qigong Class

IFB will be conducting a Basic Qigong Class starting from 6th Sep 2015…