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Master Goh Guan Leong


With an insatiable thirst for knowledge since he was young, Master Goh has always shown fervour for all aspects of Chinese life and culture, particularly the intangible philosophies of metaphysics. During his university days, Master Goh became acquainted with western Psychology and Social studies, which sparked his keen interest in the relationship between man and his environment. He began to investigate life from the viewpoint of metaphysics, as well as do research on volumes of related works. He also consulted many overseas and local fengshui masters to build himself a firm foundation.

In 2003, Master Goh met his mentor, Master Chew Keat Leng, who is a renowned destiny analysis master, and sought his guidance. Under the meticulous supervision of Master Chew, Master Goh excelled rapidly. One principle from the wise teacher stated that ‘pristine moral values and high refinement are essential qualities to a destiny analyst’ strongly stuck in his head.

Master Goh is a co-author of the book ‘Essentials of the Four Pillars of Destiny’ and he was also invited to give presentations in the International Fengshui Convention in both year 2006 and year 2007.

Master Goh regularly submits articles to major newspapers in the hope of dispelling misconceptions people may have of geomancy and destiny philosophies.