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Master Chuan

Master Chuan is a modern day Palmist and Geomancer who believes that the ancient arts of Palmistry, Feng Shui and Four Pillar Analysis are practical solutions to solve our everyday challenges.

Having read the palms of thousands of people from all walks of life for more than 15 years and combined with Feng Shui, Four Pillar Analysis (BaZi) and Fortune Card Reading, Master Chuan offers comprehensive readings and analysis for both individuals, corporate and other organisations.


Drawing on the proven wisdom of these ancient arts, Master Chuan relates them to today’s challenges. With his strong psychology background and through simple real life illustrations and analogies, he connects easily with clients and quickly points them to the right solution.

Master Chuan started out exploring palmistry on his own as early as 1993 during his army days. After much confirmation from the many palms that he has read during that time, he decided that divination knowledge will be meaningless unless it is used to provide proper advise and point others to a correct direction. From then on, he spent most of his time searching for theories which are more accurate and slowly set out to test the accuracy of these theories. After many years of research and verification, he developed a certain set of readings that is most accurate and can capture the human psychology with a glance of the hands. While strengthening his knowledge of Palmistry, he was also exposed to the knowledge of Feng Shui, Ba Zi and Fortune Card Reading which provided him another dimension of analysis which enhance and provide different aspect of character reading.


With many years of training experience in the corporate world, before engaging himself as a full time practitioner, Master Chuan often incorporate adult learning theories and principles in the development and execution of his training courses.


Master Chuan has also written articles in various publications and conducted numerous workshops on Palmistry, Fortune Card Reading and Feng Shui for various distinguished organisations, both locally in Singapore and in other countries (Malaysia & Germany).

Master Chuan is a Psychology graduate from the National University of Singapore (1997) and has a Master of Science in Computing degree from De Monfort University, Leicester, UK (2001).