Master Chew Keat Leng

Mst ChewMaster Chew Keat Leng, our Senior Mentor, has demonstrated a keen interest in the traditional study of astronomy at a very tender age. The ancient Chinese theories of astronomy is however very profound and recondite. With a thirst for knowledge, Master Chew strived hard and immersed himself in learning astrology, life analysis, Fengshui and other geomancy-related topics from various established geomancers in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Seeking further understanding and research for almost 30 years, Master Chew has become an expert in the specific school of destiny analysis.

Master Chew has been very active in imparting his knowledge in Destiny Analysis to people that has keen interest in this area. To date, Master Chew has trained a few hundreds students, of which some also have become renown Masters in Singapore.